Dian Instal·lacions

Dian Instal·lacions was founded in 1990 to perform domestic, commercial and industrial installations and repairs. We focus on providing high-quality newbuild, repair and maintenance services, delivering the comfort and performance required in any given situation.

The experience and ongoing training built up by our firm’s entire professional team keeps us up to date with new innovations and applications applied to every type of installation and structure. Proper application of legal and regulatory standards is one of our guiding principles.


Dian Instal·lacions offers different types of installation services and repairs, both domestic and commercial and industrial: water, electricity, gas oil and gas, heating and air conditioning, alarms and security systems, telecommunications, appliances and comprehensive refurbishments.

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Beneficis de la il·luminació LED

Benefits of LED lighting

The discovery of LED lighting has served to offer the utmost efficiency at minimal consumption levels, and promises to be the future replacement for all types of lighting.

Consells d’eficiència energètica en la calefacció

Energy efficiency advice for Heating

At Dian Instal·lacions we aim to inform our customers of the key factors to take into consideration to achieve optimal energy efficiency in the home.

Prilux eConcept

Prilux eConcept

The new “prilux econcept” dynamic lighting control system synchronizes music and light to create spectacular visual compositions.